Q.  How can I improve the curb appeal of the home I’m selling without spending too much money?  
A.  First impressions are important! A well-groomed exterior tells a buyer that the inside of your home is also well-maintained. Here are some easy ways to make your home look more inviting. 
1. Spruce up your landscaping.  Mow the lawn, trim the trees and bushes, and add some new plants and flowers.
2. Inspect your exterior paint.  Paint the front door and do some touching up.  If touching up isn’t enough, consider spending some money for a complete paint job.
3. Wash wood, aluminum and vinyl sided homes.  A pressure wash can do a world of good.
4. Make sure the garage door works; while you’re at it, clean out the inside of the garage.
5. Check out your roof and gutters.  Your roof will be subject to inspection but at least make sure it looks good from the curb.  
      Don’t forget your back yard!  It’s part of your overall curb appeal and can be a key selling point for potential buyers.